The Big Metal Additive team is made up of people who value hard work, exhibit high integrity and a sense of personal accountability, and practice kindness and acceptance of others. We are engineers, innovators, makers, communicators, problem-solvers, and occasionally comedians.

Take a moment and get to know the team at Big Metal Additive.

Slade Gardner, PhD
President and Founder
Andrea Barnes
Director of Quality Management
Ty Stranger-Thorsen
General Manager
Brock Sterling
Master Engineer
Misty Stranger-Thorsen
Office Manager
Grant Spencer
Manufacturing Engineer
Horacio Duarte Bernal
Manufacturing Engineer
Michael DeCapua
Mechanical Engineer
Bailey Cahill
Operations Specialist
Justin BMA Headshot
Justin Hartley
Arc and Automation Specialist
Alec Vitale
Advanced Manufacturing Technician
Kade Johnson