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Big Metal Additive

Solving customer problems with the largest and most sophisticated metal hybrid additive manufacturing capability in the industry.

Offering an unprecedented opportunity in producing large metal parts quickly for customers seeking a wide variety of solutions, from innovative design exploration to replacement of obsolete parts.

Our Dynamic Workflow

Explore the Possibilities

Bring your design to us, or work with our engineers to craft what you need

Analyze and Simulate

Push design limits or accelerate time to production without increasing risk

Produce and Deliver

Metal hybrid additive manufacturing brings your design to life with shortened lead times

What Sets Us Apart

Large Build Envelope

BMA work tables are 6 ft. by 12 ft. and can accommodate complex designs


We work directly with your solid model, facilitating design adjustments, optimizations, and quick transfer to production

Unique Hybrid
Additive Process

Deposition and machining combine to improve quality and dimensional integrity

Fast Execution

No matter your need, we deliver faster

Recent Projects


Click Image to Reveal CAD

AirForce STTR Phase I multi functional spacecraft component


Click Image to Reveal CAD

Triple Manifold

Personalized fire hydrant cap

Click Image to Reveal CAD

Prototype casting replacement

Advanced design flanged nozzle

Click Image to Reveal CAD

Advanced design flanged nozzle

Office of Naval Research SBIR Phase I - Point of Need UxV

Click Image to Reveal CAD

Office of Naval Research SBIR Phase
Functional Prototype UUV

Our Product Offerings 3

Click Image to Reveal CAD

Air Force STTR Phase I – Lightweight Topology Optimized Structure